P R O X Y
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               G O P H E R  +  G E M I N I


Just click on startpage:// in the top left corner and enter
a gopher:// or gemini:// URL you'd like to visit.

Here are some good starting points:
-> gopher://
-> gopher://


Gopher is an internet protocol that was developed in 1991.
Unlike the web, it's very simple and doesn't support
technologies like CSS, JavaScript or even cookies.
Even so, its minimalistic nature is the reason why there's
an active community surrounding Gopher that keeps it alive.

Read more:
-> gopher://
-> gopher://


Gemini is a new internet protocol that's being developed by
members of the Gopher community. Its purpose is to be a
viable alternative to both Gopher and the web by
incorporating the best aspects of both.

Read more:
-> gemini://